Picture Low Polifier

by Zhaoning Wang
5 April 2019

Getting Started

Transfer image into low poly


lp_img = lowpolify(file,edge_thresh,edge_style,...
    num_vertices,ratio,min_distance, FeatureRatio)

to generate low poly pictures

Some results

Original Low polified

Steps to get Low Poly style

Reduce noise:

Why: Noise will affect edge detection. Since we are reducing the precision and the level of details in the image, we want the edge lines to be as clean and simple as possible. ```
Averaging: Good for removing grain noise (bad)
Gaussian filters ``` ### Edge detection
    Sobel (worse than Canny)
    zerocross (explore)

Feature extraction

It is necessary to perserve the features of the original picture.

We used Harris Features detector to achieve feature extractions (As you can see in the green crosses)

trianglization and color

We used Delaunay triangulation to form the triangle. The color of the center pixel of each trangle is picked, the mean or mode color will not perserve the feature correctly

Built With

  • Dropwizard - The web framework used
  • Maven - Dependency Management
  • ROME - Used to generate RSS Feeds

GitHub repo:

You can check out the code Here